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Is this your first time here?


If you are a student:

  1. Your Student ID is the 8 digit code under your photograph on your student ID card/Advice slip provided when enrolling/Email received when applying.
  2. Your default password is First Letter Capital of your first name, First letter lowercase of your surname followed by your eight digit date of birth.

e.g. The password for Joe Bloggs born 31st May 1980 would be - Jb31051980

NB: If you forget your password or have any problems logging in, you can reset your password at the library.


if you are a member of Staff:

  1. Your account will be created automatically, just login using your normal staff id and password combination as you would to login to a staff PC.
  2. Your Moodle Staff ID is your normal Staff ID.
  3. Your password is the same as your college network password.

NB: If you change your password on your PC, the change will affect Moodle. You should always use your most recent password on Moodle.